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What is #Fastdesign?

If you have a room up to 25 m2 that you want to completely remodel, we can help you with this and take all the troubles on ourselves. 

Send us a message with your request, fill out a detailed form and in 10 days you will receive:

1. Full package of drawings for the premises:

Furniture Arrangement Plan;

Demolition / construction of partitions.

Linking lighting fixtures;

Water communications plan (if it is a bathroom or kitchen);

Outlet circuit plan;

Plan for finishing the floor, walls and ceiling with directions for laying/gluing, etc; 

Furniture dimensions;

And much more.

2. One or two pictures-visualizations of the room.

3. Estimate without quantities, but with articles of specific materials used, paint numbers, links to furniture and lamps. 



Cost of service = 15 000 rub. 


Bedroom for a girl 20 m2

bathroom children's1.jpg

Children's bathroom 5 m2

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